Case Studies

Victorian Pride Centre

  • Location
    St Kilda, Victoria
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The Victorian Pride Centre is an iconic, mixed-use commercial building in the heart of St Kilda. Opened in 2020 it has become the LGBTIQ community hub of Melbourne, Australia’s first Pride Centre and the second biggest in the world. The building will be home to various organisations including the AGMC, ALGA, Star Health, Joy FM, Switchboard, MQFF, Minus18 and Thorne Harbour Health, incorporating a mix of open plan, cellular and public spaces including a commercial bar, radio broadcast studio, and multi-purpose theatrette.

How was SS used?

SoundSurfer was used extensively in modelling the project’s mechanical services. The project continually developed throughout the design phases, with new tenant requirements added periodically. The graphical layout of SoundSurfer made revising and reviewing updates to the design much quicker than compared to traditional calculation methods.

Engineer quote

One of the acoustic engineers working on this project quotes:

“SoundSurfer allowed for the modelling of complex mechanical system layouts, where the cumulative impact of multiple sources and transmission paths needed to be considered and adjusted to achieve acceptable internal noise levels. The identification of problematic transmission paths was particularly easy, allowing for targeted mitigation treatments.”