A fast, accurate and intuitive sound calculation tool

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Using SoundSurfer is intuitive, easy, and fun!

Drag and drop elements
Line connection for elements
Clean property information for elements

Unlimited model size

All assessments for one project can be saved in one space for easy access and review

Page size is unlimited
Unlimited number of tabs per project
Elements can be linked across tabs

Add notes and images

Text and images can be inserted into model to assist with the assessment and review

Add notes to describe assumptions, criteria, and any other relevant information
Add images such as mechanical drawing snapshots, noise data, and the like

Easy to review

Models created in SoundSurfer are easy to review and update

Clean layout of the model
Predicted overall noise levels displayed on the screen for each element
Ability to add notes and images

Data at your fingertips

Draw on your own company global database of sound data, create and store your own project-specific data

Continuously updated with new models
Fast and reliable
Avoid the need to look up manufacturer data for each assessment

Built by consultants for consultants

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with this simple to use, all-in-one, reliable tool.

With SoundSurfer you decide how simple or complex to make your model, using our noise transmission path analysis method. The “click and connect” graphical interface mimics how the HVAC system will be built, with no limit to the number or complexity of noise transmission paths you can integrate.

Go even further, by easily extending your ducted analysis to the outdoors using SoundSurfer’s outdoor propagation elements.

How does SoundSurfer work?

  1. Start a new project
  2. Drag and drop noise sources, duct work elements, rooms and outdoor propagation into the modeling space
  3. Configure each element
  4. Connect the model elements
  5. Get your results!


Simple, intuitive and graphic method to conduct complex mechanical services assessments.

Jason TurnerJason Turner Acoustics

Soundsurfer is a great tool that helps setting up standard calculation templates for various building and environmental acoustic applications. The graphical interface and image feature is extremely helpful in following the path of noise propagation in complex building services assessments (especially while reviewing calculations)

Vaishnav BalajiResonate Consultants

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