Case Studies

Central Market Arcade Redevelopment

  • Location
    Adelaide, South Australia
  • Value


In a modern interpretation of one of the city’s most popular shopping venues, this redevelopment will create a vibrant mixed-use destination that seamlessly integrates with the historic Central Market Hall (one of the largest fresh produce markets in the Southern Hemisphere) beside it. More than 8,000 square meters of retail, food and beverage and educational settings will be added to the arcade, with three new towers featuring a hotel, apartments and offices built atop.

How was SS used?

One of the acoustic challenges for this project was controlling the internal noise level from mechanical services within various spaces. This was important to ensure each space could facilitate its intended use. This included looking at many mechanical services all located on a single roof, with all supply paths travelling down the building core.

Engineer quote

The lead acoustic engineer of this project reports:

“SoundSurfer’s ability to visually accommodate multiple units going through shared and semi shared lines significantly simplified our model. Once we set up what was happening on the roof, we could actually just keep branching off from there. And when the unit selection changed, we changed a single tile and the entire building’s worth of duct lines updated.”