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Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research

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    Adelaide, South Australia
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The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research will house Australia’s first proton therapy centre and will be the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition to the proton therapy, the building includes treatment rooms, consulting room, general office spaces, and public spaces over 17 floors.

How was SS used?

A large portion of the Acoustic Design for this project was controlling internal noise levels from the significant mechanical services within the building. In addition to numerous commercial grade air-conditioning systems servicing the floors through a maze of duct work, the building contained cooling towers, chillers, and over 300 fans. All this mixed in with the complexity and sensitive equipment requirements centred around the proton guns made for a complex analysis.

Engineer quote

One of the acoustic engineers working on this project quotes:

“SoundSurfer took this task from insufferable to manageable. Done in several days, this would have taken me weeks to complete using typical excel sheets. But the true saving grace of this application was how the model was so easily adjusted each time the design changed.”